I have been working virtually since 2011, VA at Large came to fruition when my husband and I began to travel a bit for his business, so I took my work on the road.  I have recently added 2 additional team members due to increased demand for this kind of service.

My onboarding process is pretty simple; first I serve you for a few  weeks to get an idea of what your needs are to be sure to match you with the appropriate team member.  If you are an advisor working with DWA it is easy because once permissions are in place I have supervisory access to be sure you are getting the best possible service.  If you are independent of DWA then we set up those checks and balances internally.  Small businesses have different needs so that is a case by case evaluation.

Our team looks forward to being your "Girl Friday" and an important part of your success!

Call to discuss your needs: +1.512.648.6650

Assisting Financial Advisors and small businesses in your growth and success

VA at Large